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About Us

Just like the typical start-up cliche, Brite-Bottles Inc. got its beginning in a garage in the Texas hill country. Two temporarily boss-free fellows spent a summer working on various glasswork related projects, the results of which were some of the antecedents of the current product line. The following picture shows one of the physics demonstration tubes being assembled on a home-built glass lathe in that very garage during the 'summer of glass'. It was during this time that the first bottle-bulb was made using a dash of ingenuity and some available parts.
 glass lathe photo

Glass doldrums
During the next few years, the two were mostly occupied full time conducting government funded scientific research for a small company. However, during this period, various enhancements to the bulb making process were tested with the result being a long-lived, pleasantly appearing incandescent bulb conversion process capable of being applied to most any soda-lime based glass container.

Present Day
The two founders formed the corporation Brite-Bottles Inc. to better serve their customers and provide a streamlined business environment. Many examples of their work can be found illuminating some of Austin's more eclectic venues. A QuickTime movie showing two of their custom bulbs operated with a flasher can be seen following this link.

Our manufacturing elves will not let us spill the beans on the method used to convert bottles into actual incandescent light bulbs. However, they will let us say that it is neither as simple as might be thought, nor as complicated as it could be.
Elf says no!

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