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About Us

Bottle conversion
Brite-Bottles Inc.'s primary focus is on the conversion of beverage and foodstuff glass containers into brilliant incandescent light bulbs. Below are shown examples of some of the converted bottles.
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The details of the process are proprietary, but in common with all incandescent light bulbs, the glass envelope has to be evacuated before it is sealed. An example of a bottle with a top-mounted filament is shown below in the final processing stage. Following this, the electrical base is mounted and the bottle begins its new life as a light bulb!
Processed Bottle
Logo'd light bulbs
During the 'summer of glass', our two founders investigated a variety of illumination related ideas; one of which is shown below. Like most light statements, it is nearly impossible to reproduce the visual effect in a photo. This product is no longer routinely produced due to the intensive labor required, but we here at Brite-Bottles Inc. are always open to special requests or orders.
Longhorn bulbs

Physics demonstration tubes
A interesting product generated in our founders' exploratory period was a physics demonstration tube suited for showing the effects of gas discharges at different pressures and with varying gas species. The upper part of the photo shows the tube installed on a vacuum pump with high voltage leads attached to the opposing electrodes. The lower photos are examples of the different and very beautiful discharges obtained by allowing the evacuated tube to slowly leak up to higher pressures. The subtle interplay between the pressure, gas type and applied voltage form the basis of the common discharge or "neon" sign.
Physics demonstration tube

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